The Process of Spring

Our event, The Process of Spring!!! Kids had a great time learning about the Spring season while creating their own artwork, dancing to music, and enjoying snacks.

Calling New Parents! Welcome Baby Program

Parents of children 0-9 months, residents of Jamaica plain 02119-02130 please contact us for a Welcome baby visit!

Above The Clouds!

Above the Clouds brings joy and hope through the wonder of flight to children and teens who have a serious illness or disability, are underserved and/or are facing other adversity.
Here is your chance to have your child be a part of this wonderful opportunity, participate in Dream Flyer Day, Saturday, Sept 16th! Many have seen me post pictures and videos of the many flights provided in the past couple of months and we now have the chance to select 3 more kids. If you would like for your child to participate in this amazing activity, please let us know why we should pick your child by sending us a private message.

UPK Storytime every Wednesday!

Join us every Wednesday for our UPK Story time with our parent partner Tameka on our Facebook live at 11am! 

After the story, you will learn about the UPK program. In Boston, we have Universal Pre-Kindergarten (UPK), which is a blended portfolio of programs funded by the City of Boston that offers high-quality options for three- and four-year-olds living in the city at no cost to families. UPK is a 6.5 hour school day for 180 days a year. The eligibility criteria are:

· The child is three to four years of age as of September 1 of the school year for which you are seeking to enroll;
· A Boston resident.
For more information, call us at 617.522.4832 or email Glendaliz Tejeda at

Playgroup/Mothers Group 5.19

Kids Playgroup 5.26

On Friday, kids learned about emotions during our playgroup at Curtis Hall.
Look at those face they made 😍.
El Viernes, los Niños aprendieron sobre las emociones durante el Grupo de desarrollo de Niños en Curtis Hall.
Miren las caritas que crearon 😍

Registration Needed for our Playgroup at the Curtis Hall Community Center

DIY Maracas: Musical Instrument Craft for Kids

07/22 Playgroup

Teaching music to kids begins with teaching them to love the art of sound. Implementing musical crafts for kids encourages creativity and exploration through different sounds and rhythms. Kids will have fun making their own Maraca instruments while learning about music and sound. DIY Maracas can be a fun activity to use when listening to music, or just to play and shake with!


  1. 2 Spoons
  2. 1 Plastic Egg
  3. Masking Tape
  4. Beads/dried rice/dried beans
  5. Other: Stickers, Markers, etc.

How to Make:

  1. Add beads inside plastic egg
  2. Place egg in between both spoons
  3. Wrap tape around spoons to secure egg
  4. Optional: Decorate Maraca with markers and stickers
  5. Shake Shake Shake!

Benefits on Child Development:

  1. Placing beads into eggs promotes fine motor skills
  2. Holding and shaking Maracas promotes fine motor skills
  3. Promotes creativity by creating their own music
  4. Can help improve memory by listening and repeating rhythms of songs